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Actor II Director II Fight Choreographer

Teacher II Author



Are you here for business or leisure?

If business, let’s cut to the chase: I am a professional actor, writer, and fight choreographer.


In the academic world, I am a playwriting and performance teacher, stage director, guest artist, workshop presenter, and fight guy.


My book, The Actor As Fire And Cloud is being used in a number of university and college theatre departments. It’s a text that anchors the craft of acting in a biblical worldview, encouraging actors of faith to grow their artistic skills, while unlocking encouragement and insights from the Word of God.


I can teach a class, lead a workshop or engage in a discussion on a number of the book’s many topics.




If this is a leisure visit, then let me tell you my story.


I spent 22 years in higher education teaching undergraduate courses in all realms of playwriting and performance. I exited that career in 2020 after two decades at the University of Central Missouri, serving as their Chair of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, and the Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance.


While at UCM I directed 40 main stage productions, coached dozens of actors to the Region V KCACTF Irene Ryan Finals, 3 of whom won the region, 1 who used my original scene, They Tried Talking in his advancement to the nationals, and 1 who was the national winner.


Along the way, I retained my status as a SAG/Equity actor, doing professional commercial, film, and stage work, and spent a decade as the resident fight choreographer for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre.


I currently live in St. Louis, MO and am the Director of Cultural Arts at the Jewish Community Center of St. Louis. When available, I pursue professional and academic freelance projects locally, regionally and nationally. I am the current on camera and VO spokesperson for Communication Federal Credit Union out of Oklahoma City, OK.

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*CV available upon request

**Fight/Movement Direction Resume available here

Rep: Sylvia Hutson at Hutson Talent Agency


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