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The Actor as Fire and Cloud

""The Actor as Fire and Cloud" is more than just another "how to" textbook on acting. It is a thought-provoking look into one's own soul as he or she creates art while serving a higher calling."

--Amazon Customer

"The Actor as Fire and Cloud is one of the most insightful and empowering books I have ever read in my educational career, and I guarantee that there will not be another more intricately written book about the coalition of spirituality and the art of acting unless Mr. Wilson writes a similar book."

--Matthew Briggs

"There are two journeys in front of you. Both can lead to success, but only one can lead to purposeful fulfillment"...


The Actor as Fire and Cloud references Christian and secular thought as well as master teachers of this century and the past to unlock universal ideas about the acting craft. As such, it is a book with universal appeal and application. Now available on Amazon!

If you’d like John to do a Zoom session about Fire and Cloud, visit your campus for acting workshops, fight choreography, guest artist teaching and directing, or a discussion on faith and craft, fill out this form here!

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