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#1: A Christian Acting Book

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

It's hard to believe out of the tens of millions of books in the world, there is literally only two that address acting from a biblical perspective. So, you might as well get them both. The one I wrote is called The Actor As Fire And Cloud, and you can access some quick information about it here.

The other one is by Michael Kary, a friend of a friend of mine, who wrote Acting In Faith: A Christian's Guide to the Acting World. Here's the link if you want to check it out!

Doing anything in life with faith in God as the driving impetus opens your heart and your mind to unimaginable and exciting potential. The Holy Spirit, when invited into the journey of your growing craft, will supply an abundance that surpasses your expectations. Why is that? How does the non-material Spirit become tangible fuel to your creativity and artistry in the material now?

That's essentially what The Actor As Fire And Cloud explores and unveils; and it's what this blog will continue to unpack.

Along the way we'll be introduced to a number of different topics: humility, pursuing glory, discipline vs. talent, calling, listening and being present, courage and stage fright, worldview, character, love and art, faith and story.

If you're just now discovering this blog as part of your own search to understand what God might have to say about acting from a biblical perspective, I encourage you to subscribe and follow, and enter the conversation.

And if, as a Christian with recognizable talents, you're trying to discern God's will for you when it comes to pursuing acting professionally: STOP. You can't know it. Instead, discern from Scripture what is right and wrong; then pursue what is right at all costs. Learn what pleases and glorifies the Lord, then do that. Self-assess your artistic ability and desire to pursue and grow your talents. Have others do the same for you. Count the cost, and be disciplined about training, auditioning, rehearsing and performing.

With the above in mind, and if, from a pattern of biblical thinking and biblical prayer, you're excited about pursuing an acting career, then don't wait--start now.

The Actor As Fire And Cloud is meant to help you with this journey. What do some of the most famed acting teachers say about the craft? What does God's word reveal about artistry and gifting? These ideas and so much more are discussed in the book and are further expounded in this blog.

If you're looking for advice on what it means to be a Christian actor, or applying biblical principles to the craft of acting, I hope this blog and my book will help.

You don't have to be a Christian to be an excellent actor. God's common grace has been showered equally upon the lost and the saved in the world of artistic expression. We're all made in God's image, and part of being made in that image is having creativity. Creative thinking and artistic talents are available to everyone, albeit bestowed on some in greater amounts. an actor who is also a Christian, there are biblical and spiritual insights that will specifically help you improve upon those talents, and critically think about your place as an artist in God's Kingdom.

The Actor As Fire And Cloud will help you grow and harvest your imagination, presence, emotional fullness, and fearless commitment. It takes all of these engaged at their peak, if you're going to find yourself capable of moments like the one pictured from Ozark season 4, where Julia Garner achieves a moment with her character Ruth, that both stops your blood and stings your eyes.

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